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Our marketing team of graphic designers and photographers maximize your impact.

Whether you refer to it as Swag, Tchotchke, Logo’d Merchandise or Promotional Products, making your items stand out while maintaining your brand standards is a key element of success. Our creative marketing team can assist you with graphic design and photography services to maximize the impact of your promotional giveaways.


Add value to your brand with quality materials.

Our vendor relationships represent a virtually unlimited assortment of high-quality promotional products at competitive prices. And quality matters. After all, the products you choose will be associated with your brand for a long time to come.

Looking for something specific or want to browse some of our product categories? Click here to be directed to our on-line research catalog.


We ensure delivery on time, every time.

From promotional fulfillment, pick & pack, kitting and mass distribution, Kaye-Smith has the capabilities and experience to deliver your materials on time, every time.


With online management, never experience obsolete inventory again.

Many organizations struggle with excess inventory of promotional materials, much of it out-of-date and beyond use. It’s a hidden drain on budget resources that simply isn’t necessary. Kaye-Smith provides warehousing services with online inventory management, monitoring quantities and usage so you will never have too much on hand and won’t continue to build inventories of promo product that are not being used.


Enjoy 24/7 Access.

To ensure your team and employees have access to items they use to drive your business, we offer robust web stores for 24/7 access. Ordering authority can be customized to ensure budgets are not exceeded and costs are allocated to specific departments according to your business rules.

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